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trauma-informed classes

Trauma-Informed Yoga involves tapping into the physical, energetic, emotional, and mental states and learning to resource by titrating between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system with somatic experiencing, dynamic movement, restorative postures, meditation, and breath-work. Students are encouraged to explore the poses to whatever extent they feel comfortable, learning to approach each posture and sensation with curiosity, in an effort to honor individual emotional and physical needs. Multiple variations for each pose will be offered for all levels and abilities, as will options for a more active or more restorative practice. This class will be adapted to all levels and abilities.

I am a Certified, Advanced Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor. Note: This is not equivalent to a clinician. Trauma-Informed Yoga is complimentary to traditional therapies and is not recommended as a replacement for clinical therapy.

Learn more about Trauma-Informed Yoga here.

Group Classes

Offered in-person & virtually through Zoom

Through Rolling Brook Yoga

  • Mondays at 9:15am

  • Tuesdays at 5:45pm 

Private Sessions

Offered in-person through Rolling Brook Yoga

Contact me for virtual sessions.

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