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"Jasmine did an amazing [job] teaching a yoga class for several of my family members ages 87-13. She would teach a private class and it was amazing how she could adapt and adjust to our different ages and strengths. She did this for several months and she was amazing, patient and a wonderful yoga instructor! And really just a great woman!" - Carol H.

"Ms. Jasmine is a knowledgeable, caring and compassionate instructor. She has been teaching yoga for our toddler and preschool children in person and virtual. Ms. Jasmine offers different themes and implements positive and gentle discipline to redirect our little ones. Our children and parents love her." - Anna V.

"Jasmine is a very compassionate human and it shows in everything she does. Her classes are always fun and I highly recommend her for children's yoga classes as well!" - Dan H.

"Jasmine cares a lot about people, and it shows in everything she does." - Micah S.

"Jasmine is an amazing instructor and you never feel like you have to push yourself more than you're comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend joining in on a class to at least check it out! It is something I will always need in my life!" - Gail B.

"Jasmine is such a wonderful teacher! Her classes are intentional, welcoming, and informative. Her passion for what she teaches is palpable, and I've learned so much from her. I always look forward to my Wednesday evening classes with Jasmine!" - Katie E.

"Jasmine is amazing. Years ago I sustained a major shoulder injury, I'm a dog trainer and I was rehabilitating a Caine Corso who had major behavioral problems and injured my shoulder. After months of physical therapy, and still with limited range of motion, both my therapist and specialist recommended yoga. Jasmine knew exactly what poses for me to learn and practice, she was very gentle, patient, and professional. After the end of each of our sessions I felt my shoulder becoming stronger, not just my shoulder but my entire body too. When I went back for a follow up my specialist was pleased that my shoulder was healing beautifully. I now have full range of motion in my shoulder do to the guidance of Jasmine's program she made for me. If you are looking for a yoga instructor who is extremely knowledgeable, gentle, patient and makes each session enjoyable and fun, I highly recommend Jasmine. Because of Jasmine I am able to continue my passion, training and rehabilitating dogs. Jasmine is the BEST." -Patricia N.