Join me for classes at Rolling Brook Yoga

Located at 1715 Edmondson Ave in Catonsville, MD. Offered in-person and online through Zoom. Register in advance at www.rollingbrookyoga.com.

Trauma-Informed Yoga for Resilience

Monday mornings at 9am (1.25 hours)

In Yoga for Resilience we’ll work on tapping into our emotional state and learning to resource through the parasympathetic nervous system with somatic experiencing, dynamic movement, restorative postures, meditation, and breath-work. You are encouraged to explore the poses to whatever extent you feel comfortable, learning to approach each posture and movement with curiosity in an effort to honor your individual emotional and physical needs. Multiple variations for each pose will be offered for all levels and abilities, as will options for a more active or more restorative practice. This class will be adapted to all levels and abilities.

Register at www.rollingbrookyoga.com.

Beyond Basics Yoga

Thursday Evenings at 5:45pm (1.25 hours)

Refine poses learned in ‘Yoga Basics.’  In this class, we begin to link poses and start to incorporate Sun Salutations.  You'll learn additional standing, seated and supine poses that develop balance, increase flexibility in the hips and hamstrings, and poses that build strength in the upper body and core. 

Register at www.rollingbrookyoga.com.

Candlelight Vinyasa

Thursday Evenings at 7:15pm (1.25 hours)

Join me after work for a slow evening flow in the warm glow of candlelight. Organized in 6-week blocks, each block will focus on a specific area of the body, fine-tuning alignment in each pose and deepening our understanding of yogic philosophy as it relates to our practice both on and off the mat. While cues and adaptations for all levels, abilities, and body-types will be offered, this class is best for those with previous experience practicing yoga.

Register at www.rollingbrookyoga.com.

$10 Community Yoga

First Friday of Every Month at 6pm (1 hour)

Community yoga is for anyone wishing to practice yoga online, or in-studio! This mixed-level practice will include centering and breath-work and a gentle warm-up followed by a slow, alignment-focused vinyasa practice. Cues and adaptations for all levels, abilities, and body-types will be offered. Everyone is welcome and no prior experience is required!

Register at www.rollingbrookyoga.com.