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Yoga Class

studio classes

Located at 1715 Edmondson Ave in Catonsville, MD. Offered in-person and online through Zoom. Register in advance at

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Monday mornings at 9:30am

(1.25 hours)

In Yoga for Resilience we’ll work on tapping into our emotional state and learning to resource through the parasympathetic nervous system with somatic experiencing, dynamic movement, restorative postures, meditation, and breath-work. You are encouraged to explore the poses to whatever extent you feel comfortable, learning to approach each posture and movement with curiosity in an effort to honor your individual emotional and physical needs. Multiple variations for each pose will be offered for all levels and abilities, as will options for a more active or more restorative practice. This class will be adapted to all levels and abilities.

Please note: I am NOT a clinician. It is strongly encouraged to be under the care of a clinical therapist when you take this class. If you do not have a clinical therapist, please let me know and I will provide you with resources.

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