Join me for classes at Rolling Brook Yoga

Located at 1715 Edmondson Ave in Catonsville, MD. My classes at this studio are currently being offered online through Zoom. Register in advance at

Yoga for Resilience

Monday mornings at 9am

Yoga for Resilience is about cultivating your own capacity to return to center after facing difficulty or challenge.  This class incorporates dynamic, somatic movement, breath work, and guided meditation to create a safe and supportive space that promotes emotional regulation. Students will be offered tools and techniques to navigate and explore intense emotions and bring mindful attention to the sensations of the body.

Beyond Basics

Wednesday evenings at 6pm

Refine poses learned in ‘Yoga Basics.’ Learn standing, seated and supine poses that develop balance, increase flexibility in the hips and hamstrings, and poses that build strength in the upper body and core. Hold poses longer and build sun salutations to build stamina and deepen breath awareness.