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"Every Body Is Different" Yoga

Updated: May 17, 2020

In yoga, it's important that we recognize that every body is different. My downward dog might not look the same as your downward dog, and that's okay. As long as I'm being safe in my body, and you're being safe in yours. We're all unique and we each have something valuable to offer.

That's what my "Every Body Is Different" Yoga lesson for kids is all about! From discussing what makes us different, to building a castle out of different yoga poses together and recognizing that each part of the castle is unique and important, Every Body Is Different Yoga celebrates our individuality and promotes acceptance.

You can find this lesson at, or you may have just taken it with your child live through

To make the Scribble craft with you child, give them crayons and paper to make a scribble. You can purchase "I'm NOT Just A Scribble" stickers on Amazon, or draw your own "scribble" face to cut out so your child can glue them onto their scribble. ...You can also just print out the image below:

You can buy "I'm NOT Just a Scribble" on amazon:

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