Tell me about yourself...

I'm a wife and mother to three young children. I have almost a decade of photography experience, and 20 years of yoga experience. I also substitute teach, and I founded and run a charity: Liver Mommas & Families, 501c3.

Why should I hire you?

Having been a bride, myself, I have both photography experience and first-hand, personal

experience with weddings! I know what shots are important to you, and what special little moments to look for. If you're looking for family photography, I have plenty of first-hand experience with that, too! I understand the unique challenges of getting that perfect shot of your little one, and how to best utilize the situation to capture their individual personality. 

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

When you consider that a wedding photographer is on his or her feet for an average of 4-6 hours during a wedding ceremony and/or reception capturing every special moment, and the days or weeks of post-process editing involved in just the photography itself, it's easy to see how those hours can add up. Factor in the cost of photography equipment, software, repairs, advertising, travel, and all of the other things that go into the job, that adds up to a lot! Most photographers barely make minimum wage in their first few years, and many lose money in the initial investment! Not to mention, you only get one shot at your special day... you want to make it a good one! That said, I offer a variety of packages and options to fit most budgets. Check out my "Pricing" page, to view more!

How many photos should I expect?

That's a tricky question. Most photographers (including myself) will shoot continuously throughout a session and get hundreds, or even thousands of photos! A good photographer will edit out the technically bad ones - the ones where someone's eyes are closed, or there is too much blur in the wrong places (sometimes you want a little blur to show movement, or to capture a feeling). Usually you will get 50-100 edited photos per hour of shooting, when all is said and done. 

Why Photography... and Yoga?

Seems like an odd pairing, right? Both allow me to do the things I love and  create my own schedule - which is important as a mother of three young children, one of whom has a life-threatening illness. A flexible schedule allows me to attend school functions, chaperone field trips, stay home with sick kiddos, as well as take my daughter to all of her appointments and be in the hospital with her, when necessary. It also makes it easier to get those cool perspectives when I'm able to kneel, lunge, balance, and climb around to get the shot!

Tell me about your charity...

Is this a shameless plug? Yes. Yes it is. But, it's for a great cause! Liver Mommas & Families, 501c3 (LMF) supports children with terminal and life-threatening liver disease, and their families. I started LMF because I saw a need that wasn't being filled, and because it helps me feel better about my daughter's condition to help other people who are going through the same thing. We bring gifts and dinner to families "stuck" in the hospital over the holiday season. We provide much-needed items on the hospital's wish-list, such as hospital-grade baby swings, or flat screen TV's to be used on a rolling gaming cart for older kids who can't leave their hospital bed. We also send care packages, and sympathy items throughout the year, and are working on several other exciting ventures with our partners! You can learn more at

Did I answer all your questions? If not, you can ask me whatever you want on my "Contact" page!

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